Who are we?

Gheen Irrigation Works is a manufacturer of a wide variety of steel fittings for farm, commercial, and industrial use as well as custom powder coating and hot dip galvanizing. We've been manufacturing irrigation fittings in Eugene, Oregon since 1933. Our fittings are used in the transmission of water and the irrigation of crops all over the world. Please click the About Gheen button on the menu to the left to learn more.

What fittings lines do we manufacture?

Hook & Latch
Quick Rain
Round Back
Crown American (IRECO/Western)
Original Gheen (Reverse Lock)
A wide variety of obsolete and hard to find Hook & Latch interchanges and adapters
Ring Lock
Gheen Flat Back
Round Back
Crown American
We also make hybrid couplers that can be connected via Hook & Latch or Ring Lock
Wheel Line
6 Varieties of Power Units
3 Hydraulic Single Rail Movers
2 Hydraulic Dual Rail Movers
1 Hydrostatic Dual Rail Mover
5', 6', 7', 8', & 10' Wheels
Cast Aluminum Torque Couplers
Water Tight (Mechanical Joint)
Underground Compression
Ames ABC
Flanged, Grooved, & Plain End
Valves and Accessories

What other services do we offer?

Powder Coating
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Custom Fabrication

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